Welcome to Work Smarter and Level Up in Your Career as a Tech Worker

I created this publication to explore the different skill-sets we can pick up to better navigate the non-technical aspects of Tech.

You will find this publication most useful if you are at that point in your career where you're asking yourself "what's next?".

Usually this means you are 2-3 years into your career in Tech. You have gained enough hard skills, technical know-hows, and confidence to perform your role steadily.

You know what you're doing and are looking to level up and play the bigger game.

The stories, principles, strategies, and tactics here will help you answer questions like:

  • "How do I get better at presenting my ideas?"

  • "Am I still learning? What will my career look like? Where do I go from here?"

  • "I heard I need to learn to share more and speak up in meetings? Yikes…"

  • "Should I be a `team player`? What will happen if I don't? How do I do that?"

  • "How can I expand my network? I heard that's a good thing?"

  • "How to be less awkward socially? How do you do this social thing?"

  • "How does what I'm working on impact the world? Am I helping real people?"

  • "Should I drop coding and become a manager to get a bigger paycheck?"

  • "Should I start my own business? Will this idea work? Do I need to learn how to sell?"

  • "I'm confused. Is this normal?"

  • "What usually happens in these situations? What is the best thing to do here? How to best interpret this situation?"

  • "What should I anticipate and how to manage this?"

  • "This doesn't make sense. what am I missing here?"

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Each time I'll dive deep into what principles we can draw from these areas:

  • social intelligence

  • leadership skills

  • managerial skills

  • personal wellbeing and self awareness

  • attitude / mindset

  • aptitude / cognitive skills

  • execution

  • productivity

  • adaptability

  • business understanding

  • communication

And then share strategies and tactics for each more specific topics like navigating office politics, building trust and relationships, good team work, understanding team dynamics, cultural sensitivity and openness to diversity, empathy, perspective taking, setting vision, running a meeting, delegation, setting and managing expectation, change management, conflict management, project management, people management, time management, incentives, motivation, resourcing, team building, asking for help, managing FOMO, overcoming burnout, physical fitness, mental fitness, overcoming mental blocks and limiting beliefs, reframing, growth mindset, managing impostor syndrome, prioritisation, motivation, energy and attention management, procrastination, responding not reacting, persistence, resiliency, grit, integrity, work ethic, polish / craft / finishing, attention to detail, ownership, following up, accountability, takes initiative, efficiency, effectiveness, sense of urgency, how to learn, how to research, how to google, asking good questions, opennes to change, decision making, problem solving, systems thinking, strategic thinking, critical thinking, clear thinking, analytical skills, creative thinking, sales, marketing, financial awareness, value creation, organisational design, management, dynamics, listening, storytelling / engagement, form (presenting ideas, info, data), content (organising ideas, info, data), writing, speaking, drawing / visual thinking, negotiation, persuasion, english, setting and managing expectations, difficult conversations & tricky situations.

Good conversations are rare these days but we often forget that we can create them. So remember to share this with friends and colleagues who can relate to what I share here to spark meaningful discussions and generate shared experience.

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A guide to navigating the non-technical aspects of Tech


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